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Gonna be a search engine superstar!  $900 includes a domain name and 12 months of FREE website hosting

OMGosh are you ever going to look like a SuperStar.

  • If you are serious about always wanting to have applications to pick from so you don't hire out of desperation

  • If you want to actually get cleaning quotes thru your website instead of just having a site that sits out there and does nothing to pay for itself

  • If you want to be able to use your website in your marketing and show a level of professionalism that most of your competitors could only hope to do

  • If you want to wow customers, employees and all the prospective with convenience, information, examples

This is your website package!


15 web site pages....that sounds like a lot of would we fill them up?  See a few examples below.  Keep in mind Gift Card Sales Systems can use up quite a few pages as can article areas ;)


image of Adam the dj disc jockey web design

graphic image of commercial cleaning company website designing

graphic image of St Louis cleaning company website design

Adam The DJ Entertainer
New Jersey Disc Jockey

St Louis Janitorial Services

AL Universal Cleaning, Inc
San Francisco, Calif.



Check this out, skip all the boring stuff and go right to what makes THIS package different than the 10 or 7 page websites.



Your website will include: 

Everything from the 5 page website package (listed below)


A Services Page

Quote or Estimate Page with a customized quote form

Employment Page with a customized application form

A Contact Page with a Standard Contact Form

PLUS any combination of five of the below:

  • A page to show off your testimonials and (solicit more of them!)

  • A page for your checklists

  • Pages for your additional services and Project Work

  • Separate quote forms for Additional Services and/or Projects.

  • An About our Company page

  • An About Our Staff page

  • An About our Customers Page

  • A Gift Certificate Sales Page with a Payment area and Automatic Delivery page

  • A page where people can look at or print your flyers, brochures or latest newsletter.


Your Super Star Items Are Going To Include:

All the stuff listed to the left  PLUS

You are going to have a place on your website where you can easily update (if you can fill out a form you CAN do this) your employment openings or explain what cities, areas, hours you are accepting applications for. 

A place where ALL of your MSDS's get stored.  You can read or print them when you need them, your customers have 24x7 access to them, your employees can NEVER say they lost theirs and didn't have a way to replace them, read them, on and on, your Insurance Agent had better say 'Wow, you do?' and in the event it EVER happens Emergency Room Staff can go right to your website and get the MSDS on the fly.

When we are done you will probably in all reality have more than 15 pages but no biggie, just promise you will remember when you are rich and famous!   Do you realize that for ONLY another $100 you can get a second domain name and articles on your website?



Let's Get Started!

Use the form below to order your website.  Total 15 page website purchase is $900 includes a domain name and 12 months of hosting.   You will be required to place a 50% at the end of this form. 

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