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Show Those Search Engines Some Leg!  Figuratively speaking of course ;)   $1000 includes 2 domains and 12 months of website hosting

Okay, so you probably read the description of the fifteen page cleaning company website design package and saw that for a hundred dollars you could add articles and a second domain name.  You are also going to get three FREE months of our website maintenance (that's the SEO stuff you were wanting to ask about but hadn't yet).

  • If you are serious about always wanting to have applications to pick from so you don't hire out of desperation

  • If you want to actually get quotes thru your website instead of just having a site that sits out there and does nothing to pay for itself

  • If you want to be able to use your website in your marketing and show a level of professionalism that most of your competitors could only hope to do

  • If you want to wow customers, employees and all the prospective with convenience, information, examples

This is your website package!


20 Page Website Development- Affordable Prices!

20 pages....that sounds huge.  Do cleaning companies really have that many pages?  How do they fill them up? 
See some of the examples below of 20 page websites we have designed.


graphic thumbnail image new jersey disc jockey website design layout
Disc Jockey Website Design

graphic image website layout design Davis Pro Commercial Cleaning Company
Davis Pro

website design image A Plus Kleaning
A Plus Kleaning





Check this out, skip all the boring stuff and go right to what makes THIS website package different than the other websites.


Your website will include: 

Everything from the 5 page website package (listed below)


Service Pages

Quote or Estimate Page with a customized quote form

Employment Page with a customized application form

A Contact Page with a Standard Contact Form

PLUS anything listed below:

  • A page to show off your testimonials and (solicit more of them!)

  • A page for your checklists

  • A Page for additional services and Project Work

  • Separate quote forms for Additional Services and/or Projects.

  • An About our Company page

  • An About Our Staff page

  • An About our Customers Page

  • A Gift Certificate Sales Web Page with a Payment area and Automatic Delivery page

  • A page where people can look at or print your flyers, brochures or latest newsletter.

Common Questions

The second domain name thing confuses me.  What does that mean?  Am I going to have two hosting accounts?

Yes, you will really have two different websites but they are going to look the same and work together.   There will be two hosting accounts and they will be on different servers but as long as you are hosting with us you will pay for only one hosting account.

If that is still confusing and you want to see a working example check out Century Cleaning Services Website.  They have a separate site for their company, one for their services and one for their Carpet Cleaning Division but to the average person surfing thru they all look like the same website.  To the search engines they look like Spider Food ;)

It says we will have a place for articles and you list some but I don't have articles and I know I can't write articles.

Hey, you're covered.  We'll take care of that for you and when/if you want your own articles it will be 'do-able'.

AND....Your Additional Items Are Going To Include:

All the stuff listed above PLUS

You are going to have a place on your website where you can easily update (if you can fill out a form you CAN do this...I'm serious!) your employment openings or explain what cities, areas, hours you are accepting applications for. 

A place where ALL of your MSDS's get stored.  You can read or print them when you need them, your customers have 24x7 access to them, your employees can NEVER say they lost theirs and didn't have a way to replace them, read them, on and on, your Insurance Agent had better say 'Wow, you do?' and in the event it EVER happens Emergency Room Staff can go right to your website and get the MSDS on the fly.

Several articles that are relevant to the audience you are marketing to...information about selecting a maid or janitorial company, or articles and information about Green Cleaning, LEED, Natural Products or whatever you are marketing.  If you don't have the articles or want to write them that's fine, we already have them waiting for you!

A call to action (besides the standard REQUEST A QUOTE) such as a downloadable report, a newsletter sign get the idea and if you don't we'll help you figure out the best fit based on the type of company (residential, commercial, specialty) you have.

When we are done you will probably in all reality have more than 20 pages but not a problem.  The purpose of this package is to give you more exposure in searches for your area and to make sure you are looking better (MUCH better) than the average free or template websites that your potential customers are finding in the searches right now.

Order It Now!

Use the order form below to order your website.  Complete website price is $1000 includes 2 domains and 12 months of hosting.  You will be required to place a 50% payment at the end of this form. 

Our website development include search engine optimization for all of your web pages! At NO additional cost!

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