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Purchase Logo Package Three

~Your logo, a Corporate Identity Kit, a FIVE page website, hosting and a domain name.

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Stationery, envelopes and fax cover sheets are created and sent in MS Word format so that you can use them on your computer.

If you don't have Word or would like them sent in PDF let us know here.

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You will get an immediate email from with the Subject: IMPORTANT: Website questionnaire
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 How it Works

Upon receipt of your request an account is set up for you in our Customer Service Portal.   This is done within 24 hours. 

Our team begins drawing and posting your logo concepts.  Initial logo concepts are usually displayed within 48 hours.

Your images are displayed for you and you are able to communicate with the artists.  If you like one of their styles or would like to see a few adjustments just let them know.   

We furnish unlimited redraws and adjustments upon your request and until we fit you with the perfect logo for your cleaning or janitorial company.   Please use our communication portal to exchange ideas back and forth with our expert logo designers.

You pay nothing until you are ready to purchase.


Please allow 3 days from payment for delivery of your final logo package.  If you pay by check or echeck your logo package will be sent only after funds clear.


Your Logo Package

These may be NON Vector images. 

You receive all of your logo files thru a download link.  CD's are mailed at no extra charge and upon request only. 

Stationery with packages two and three are typically created for use with Microsoft Word.  If you prefer MS Works, MS Publisher or PDF versions please let us know at time of purchase and we will be happy to oblige.


Your Copyright

The  selected image is licensed to you and all files become your property.

Logo design samples not purchased within 30 days of request remain property of the site and are subject to being sold as templates or placed in our archive.

Logo packages created at are original, we do not resell or mass produce logo design images to other companies.

We do not infringe on copy written work.  If you wish to use an image design created by someone else we require written permission from the holder of the copyright or license before the logo can be released to you. 


If you are purchasing Logo Package Three [with a website]

Your logo package will be delivered first.

Your final design date will be scheduled.  A temporary website will be published within 48 hours of your domain name purchase (make sure to check emails from us right away so we can get your domain purchased immediately).  Customer Service will notify you of your scheduled date.  We usually have a waiting list for final design.  You are encouraged to check the current status of our waiting list at this link:   Unfortunately our waiting list time is not negotiable but if you have an existing website with existing content (wording) that you want used on your new site the final design can be moved up.  Please let us know right away if we are re-designing your existing cleaning company website.

Your 5 page website with Logo Package 3 will include a photoshopped style website themed around your logo design and will consist of the following web pages: 

  • Home

  • Services

  • Quotes (or Estimates)

  • Jobs

  • Contact

If you have not yet selected your logo please do not purchase this package. Payments will only be accepted if you have picked out your logo and confirmed your selection with us. 

To purchase your logo and website design package you will be required to pay 50% up front and the remainder at completion of your website.  The 50% you are paying today covers the logo, stationery package, business card and domain name registration that you are receiving.  If you do not proceed with your website design, change your mind, go out of business, etc your down payment is non-refundable.  Please read our Website Design Terms of Service for more information about your down payment and our refusal of refund policy.