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Website Design Terms of Service

Although it is rare that we ever have an issue we feel it is important that you are provided with a clear explanation of exactly what we do and do not provide, what the expectations are, the conditions of your down payment and your final scheduling.

These terms must be read and agreed to prior to finalizing your payment.

You understand you are entering an agreement to have a website design created and developed for you.

You understand that a free domain name and a year worth of web site hosting (valued at $107.40) included with the website design package. Website hosting includes unlimited disk-space, unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited email accounts.
You understand that free website hosting is an added value we include to make things easier for our customers and you are not required to use our web hosting however we issue no refunds for this web site hosting if you opt out of it.

You understand this website design is being created around your content and will be unique to your company.  We will not copy another company's website or content (including photos, images and banners) for you.

Upon completion of this form and acceptance of our terms your web design will be scheduled.  Our Customer Service Department will notify you of your scheduled date and this will be documented in our customer Communication Area. (Online Communication Portal)  See waiting list:

At the beginning of this form you were referred to check our waiting list which is located here:
By accepting these terms you are agreeing that you were informed of and are in agreement with the time of our waiting list for final design.  Refunds will not be issued because you failed to read the information that was provided and you guaranteed you read and understood.

You are also agreeing that you understand a temporary web site will be live on the internet for you within 48 hours of domain name purchase.  This is not a "Parked Page" this will be a web page stating your website is being developed, it will include your company name, contact information and services/service range provided you have included this information to us. This site will also contain a small contact form.

You are agreeing that if you do not provide us with domain name information in a timely manner we can not guarantee the stated 48 hours.

We are always available by phone for quick questions at 219-797-2174 between the hours of 9 AM thru 1 PM Central only,  however to keep our expenses minimized and pass that savings on to our customers the communication for your project will take place in our Communication Center at .  You will be provided login information to this area and have instructions for uploading photos, images and files.  We are always willing to walk customers thru this area over the phone, however so good documentation of requests, answers and questions are maintained it is imperative you use this area. 

We can not be held responsible for questions, requests and files that we do not receive.  Using our Communication Center eliminates any questions of whether or not your files and/or questions were received and answered by us.

If you prefer to use email correspondence instead of our Communication Center at you will be given the option to have a Dedicated Admin Assistant assigned to your account for a one time additional fee of $100.  Your assigned assistant will forward your communication and samples between you and any Graphic and Website Designers and the Hosting Department at and oversee the communication and confirmations for your project.  You are given an option to add a Dedicated Admin Assistant at checkout or to use our standard communication system.

You are putting a 50% down payment at this time to have your website development scheduled.  If you submit this form without payment we will consider your submission bogus.  If you have questions prior to submitting payment please contact us at

Your remaining balance will be due when you have approved your final website design.  At that time we will then proceed with completing interior pages. At that point your new, finalized website will go live!
Unless you already own your domain we will register the name for you.  If you would like ownership transferred to you after payment in full please indicate this in your communication area.  Ownership transfer is a fairly simple process and will require you to accept the transfer.  We are willing to walk you thru this over the phone however we can not be held responsible for un-transferred domain registrations if you do not answer and confirm the transfer requests from the registrar. Please note- ICANN rules/regulations prohibit any/all transfer until after  60 days. Domains must have existed for 60 days or longer. New domain registrations cannot be transferred until this time has passed.

Upon completion of your website and payment in full the website files become your property.  You will be given access to your hosting account and are encouraged to download a back up of all of your website files.  We will mail you a cd-rom of your files for an additional fee of $12.99.  This request will not be accepted by email or phone, please make this request for documentation purposes in your Communication area.

If you subscribe to a Site Management Program  (SEO search engine optimization) we will always maintain a backup of all of your website files.  In the event of a hack or crash we will re-upload your files free of charge.  If you are not subscribed to a Site Management Program you will be responsible for maintaining a backup and re-uploading any lost files.

Websites created by us will include a "credit" link (Website by at the bottom of the pages not to exceed a size of 10pt.  This link will open in a new page.  We will remove this link for a one time charge of $275.  Customers removing this link will be billed $275.

Because we occasionally get "shopped" by other web design companies who want to see our process and then issue a charge back before design begins, which causes us a labor burden, you are agreeing to our following "no refund of deposit" policy. 

Because you are a business owner we are sure you can understand that by time we have actually created your website we have already invested money and labor hours.  Should you decide to attempt a charge back please keep in mind we will bill you for our time-- $150 new account set up ($50 hour, average 3 hours) and expect to be reimbursed for the domain registration ($15 per domain) and hosting account($60).

We can not be held responsible for non completion of your project if:

-You purchased this prematurely and decided that you do not want a website after all

-You have decided to close your business down or not to start your business at all

-You did not respond to our requests to approve your layout ideas and therefore we could not provide timely service to you

-You did not provide text, photos, and/or answers to our questions and therefore we could not provide timely service to you

-You are convinced you sent your communication thru email yet we never received it (Please refer to above stating that communication must be documented in our customer communication area) and because of that we could not provide timely service to you.

-You are unable to decide on a layout or do not like those provided--remember in the event we do not come up with a layout you like we will continue to work with you until an agreement is reached.  We do not want any customer accepting a design they do not like and we will continue to work until we develop "what" you like.  You will have the approval of all creations before they go live and before you are billed for them.

-Because you are not in agreement with the waiting list that you have already been referred to check three times prior to accepting this agreement.


How it Works : The Website Design Process


The KISS method to website quotes, no hassles, just an organized plan to get your website up and rolling.

1- You select your website or website redesign package and fill out the order forms which takes you thru the payment process.  You will be required to put half (50%) down to schedule your design and cover the labor listed below.

2- Our Webmaster Department sets you up with a private area in our online Customer Service Center  where you can communicate directly with our team and upload your photos, flyers, brochures, etc.

4- Your domain name purchased and secured, website hosting account is purchased and created.

5- Your email addresses and website forms are created.

5- A temporary page with your company name, services, service cities/region and contact information is published within 48 hours of purchase and domain name selection. (Occasionally it may take up to 72 hours for the domain to propagate.. we are at the whim of the Internet on this one.)

3- We schedule your design project.  *If* we are running a waiting list it is not uncommon for it to be two to four weeks out especially between October and March.  Please check here:  

Your Design Week

1-[Monday/Tuesday] We present you with several layouts to choose from (usually three) and you let us know which you like or if you do not like them. Elements can be swapped out from layout to layout and or combined.

2-[Tuesday-Wednesday] When the website layout is decided on we enter your text and forms and show you the pages at a temporary url. You let us know of any adjustments you would like made.

3-[Friday] When we have the pages just the way you want you give us the OK to issue your final invoice. If you have selected extra photos or wanted extra pages we add it to this invoice. Additional pages= $25.00, additional photos, billed at $2.99 each.

4-[Friday] Upon payment of that we publish your website. This is done usually within an hour of payment notification.

5-[Friday] Once your website is live we provide all of your access information so you have it for quick reference.

Please Note: 

If you are paying by e-check we do not purchase domain names or set up hosting until we have received notice that funds have cleared.  No exceptions. Please expect up to a two week process.

To maintain a proper schedule for you and our other customers as well as the staff that is relying on being paid for their part in your project,  proper communication is a must.  We set you up in a private, easy to use communication area.  This allows all of us to see the same information and progress and eliminates anyone "wondering" if "that email" went thru.  In this area you will be able to upload your photos, be given links to places where you can pick out photos, upload your marketing materials and discuss ideas you have with our professionals.

IMPORTANT- Thank you very much for taking the time to read thru this agreement.  If you still have questions we ask you to not complete your purchase but to contact us first.  If you have not checked the waiting list yet please do so here: