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Starter website- No fuss 3 page website design. 

This is a great solution to get you set up quickly with a web site.  Just like the description says it is a NO FUSS solution.  You pick out your website background color, up to five stock photos (or provide your own) and give us the wording for your website pages and you will be good to go. 
This package also includes one year web site hosting absolutely FREE!


Your 3 page website will include: 

Common Questions

Does this website come with a fancy background like Marcela's website? 

No, this is a basic three page website design.  You will pick out your website page color and we will use your photos for a banner at the top of the site, like CCS's

Will a site this small still be search engine friendly? 

Yes it still has the potential of being search engine friendly although more pages will tend to get you more traffic.

Can I add a logo to this package? 

Yes, our customers can add a custom design logo to any website package for $100.  It is wise though to have your logo designed first.  If you already have website design started and have decided you now want a logo make sure to let us know right away.
You can also complete our logo design form here; Get Started today!

I already have a logo but if you don't Photo Shop the website ie create it around my logo and the elements of my logo, is it going to end up looking like a template site? 

We will go to every length possible to make sure that doesn't happen.  In most cases we can incorporate your logo into the banner.  It isn't our style to just 'plug' in a company logo like you see with website builder programs or free templates.

Is this the same website that comes with the Window Cleaning Start Up Kit?

No, this is not the same web site.

Is there a GCA, ICA or Cleaning For A Reason discount for this website package?

Please check the discount program details at those websites for any current features and packages available.
Membership must be able to be confirmed

Can I get separate quote forms and employment forms instead of using one form?

Yes, you can read about our custom forms here.  No need to order them online, just let you customer service representative know which you would like added.

How much does a three page website design cost?

A low price of only $250.00! Three page website design only.


Examples of Three Page Web Sites Like This

thumbnail image CMG Janitorial Cleaning Company three page expert Web Design Services
 CMG Janitorial

thumbnail image 3 page website design Maggies Cleaning Services web development
Affordable Three Page Web Site Design
Maggie's Cleaning Services

Web sites above are examples of a three page website.  Please note these websites do not include Photo Shop layouts.  For graphic style website designs please look at our website designing packages with five or more pages.

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