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Virtual Assistant Services for Cleaning Companies.

General Business & Personal Tasks
Free Up Your Time So You Can Focus on Growing Your Business
Not quite large enough for a pay roll office person?  Our services help you out when you have too much going on and cost much less than a full time administrative assistant.
Using outside services for tasks like marketing, web site edits, search engine submits, search engine optimization, office tasks, receptionist services etc etc etc  can still save you money since you pay only for the service you need when you need it.

Virtual assistant. Hire your own VA (virtual assistant} We will provide personal and office support services, such as general administrative tasks; customer contacts; writing proposals; editing documents; sending out marketing materials; handling thank-you notes, follow-up letters; handling billing and bookkeeping; and updating Web sites. Typing/Word processing services- Letter, job description and misc. typing services. $12 per page.  

Procedure and Spec typing- $25 per sheet.

PDF conversion- Have us convert your documents to pdf format. $10 per document. 

Desk Top Publishing-Brochure design, business card design, gift certificate creation, letterhead, stationery, postcard design  

Remotely connect to your PC and set up email accounts in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, or Thunderbird.  

Call Forwarding- have us take your calls when you are unavailable.

MSDS organization and book creation.

Are you in need of a Virtual Assistant for any project? We have qualified Virtual Assistants available for your types of business.

Contact us for details today!