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March 15, 2009

Cleaning Videos

Templates for janitorial, residential and window cleaners

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1000 Business Cards for $37

What's new in the cleaning community

  Trunk slammers? The controversy continues

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Who said training can't be fun?

We held a training session this weekend and used a couple new ideas to get somebody started off on the right foot. Even better, this is something that is sure to be fun for all of our readers.   Announcing the Cleaner Talk Cleaning Videos Website.  Automatically updated cleaning, janitorial, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and maid service videos and news.  Check it out at: http://www.cleanertalk.com/cleaning-videos/



Premium cleaning company web templates

We added Premium Website Templates this month and used a 'guinea pig' who was completely new to web design to put together a purchased package.  To our amazement, he was able to complete the website in 30 minutes less than we anticipated.   You can see his project at:  http://www.mycleaningbusiness.net/




Location, location, location!

Don't forget that one of the single most important includes for your cleaning company website should be the cities you provide service to.  We hear almost daily from people wanting to rank well in their state or the counties in their service area but remember--most people who are looking for you are searching at the city level, few are doing searches by county and even less will be searching on a state wide level.

Additionally, if it is too much work for people to figure out if you service the area they are in they are much more likely to hit their back button and continue Googl'ing for a cleaning service.




Presentation is Everything

Free email addresses and ISP emails are great for personal use but look less than professional to your customers.  If you have domain mail but are not sure how to use it visit our POP mail support forums at:  http://www.cleanoutlook.com/portals/forumdisplay.php?f=187




1000 Business Cards for $37!!!!

Every month we provide exclusive pricing on printing services to our newsletter readers.

This month our print shop has authorized for 3 days only --One sided, matte finish business cards

Quantity Price Shipping--7 day

250 Business Cards



500 Business Cards



1000 Business Cards



*If you can't use this service but know someone who can, please forward this newsletter to them.  Our printer has agreed to provide us with special pricing each month for products that benefit our cleaning companies but also requires us to sell a minimum per special to continue this pricing.



What's Happening in the cleaning world?

Ken Galo and GCA members discuss business impact topics that effect the cleaning industry and independent operations.

Franchises-- Their impact on the cleaning industry

Subcontracting in the cleaning industry

Illegal Cleaning Operations and their impact on the cleaning industry


Trunkslammers......the controversy continues..... 

Confusion creates controversy.  Read what Dave Crichton has to say about the controvery surrounding his article 'What the Heck is a Trunkslammer?'   HERE


Your own resource center

Our new members only area is loaded with answers to your most common questions, information about your program, a to do list, using payment options on your cleaning website, your link exchange and more.

CleanOutlook.com Managed Services Customers ---visit your resource center here


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