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February 15, 2009



Our 4th Annual Logo Sale is drawing to an end.

Less than two weeks left to take advantage of these savings.

A logo, business stationery, business card design and a five page website with domain name registration and hosting for

$475.00   $425.

Special pricing Nov 1- Feb 28

you pay  nothing now



A logo and business stationery for


$225.00  $150.

Special pricing Nov 1- Feb 28

you pay  nothing now




Personalize Your Cleaning Company Website and Increase your Credibility!

Using photos showing your jobs, work or team increases your credibility to potential customers.

I've always said there is no better picture to have on your cleaning business website than an actual photo taken by you. 

Whether its a picture of you, your staff cleaning, a photo of one of your jobs, of your vehicle or even a snapshot of your inspection list on a clipboard---nothing says 'your company' more than your original photos.


Examples of photos taken by cleaning companies- they don't have to be only pictures of rooms or offices

When using your own pictures in marketing you are providing insight and an introduction to your company.  If a customer finds you on the Internet chances are it is because they are looking for a company to hire.   People like to see who they are considering doing business with so, you have just created credibility and trustworthiness...you are who you claim to be on your website.

So get that camera or phone camera ready and start taking pictures left and right.  Before you know if you will have a nice selection to choose from for your website, email marketing and maybe even print advertising!  Better yet they won't look just like the photos your potential customer just saw on three other websites ;)


Andy Engstrom at Free Window Cleaning Tips recommends always having a camera on hand because you never know when you will have the opportunity to snap the perfect shot to use for marketing.  He's right...

If you have visited his site one of the first things you probably noticed is how many photos he has.  I have always considered that impressive.   When I read his ezine last week and he mentioned he had put over 30 of his photos into a slideshow I had to go look.

Check out his slideshow for yourself  HERE



Keeping your cleaning business website FRESH

Regular updates to your website text keeps your content fresh for your visitors and it also keeps it fresh and interesting for the search engines. 

If you are wanting to show up well in the searches one of the first items on your list should be to make sure you are providing readers and potential customers with up to date information about your company, services, specials, promotions and the list goes on....

Don't have time to update monthly or even think of ideas for keeping your content fresh? 


We have programs starting at $20 that include FREE website hosting!



YOUR Exclusive Discount
~ this special is reserved
only for our mailing list.

If you are receiving this newsletter it is because you have used our products or services and we genuinely appreciate that!  To express our gratitude we thought why not offer something special that is exclusive to you and at the same time will help you out with marketing your cleaning company!

This month we chose to offer TWO items and both are winners for kicking off your Spring Marketing.

Tri Fold brochure printing
--500 brochures for only $218.

If you have gone to local print shops to have your tri folds printed you know that 44 cents each is practically unheard of unless you are ordering thousands upon thousands.

This isn't something we can afford to offer on our website but as a thank you we are more than happy to offer it to YOU to show our appreciation for subscribing to our newsletter.

Because we are sincere in keeping the exclusive offers to our mailing list truly exclusive the link below will expire when our newsletter goes live on our website February 18. 


  • Full color brochures on 100 lb glossy paper

  • Free 7 day shipping.

  • Your design or have us create your brochure for $75



Postcard printing
- 500 for only $60.

Post cards are so versatile. 

  • You can use them for direct mailing.

  • You can use them as gift cards.

  • You can use them to send a thank you note to a new or one time customer.

  • You can use them as coupons for new services or promotions.

  • You can use them to welcome back customers on your inactive list.

Postcards can be FUN(!) and if a marketing method is fun it means you will use it more

Between now and February 18 get 500 printed for only $60 + $12 s/h

Use Your Design or have our 'Designers Extraordinaire'  work up a design for you for only $35.00 (info about design)


If you haven't considered email marketing for your residential cleaning company you should!

Effective and integrity based email marketing campaigns keep you in front of your customers and potential customers and can be the single most affordable marketing tool you have for recruiting new customers and strengthen your relationship with your existing clients.

In our economy not only is marketing an absolute must it is also something too many cleaning companies are cutting back on in effort to save money. 

Now isn't the time to cut back on marketing.  It IS time to take advantage of the fact that many of your competitors ARE cutting back and by increasing YOUR marketing you can bring more attention to your service.

There are some great web based email marketing programs available.  The biggest problem with that is that with so many cleaning companies suffering the recession the idea of another monthly expense can be a little scary. 



Problem solved

Our Email List Manager program is yours. It isn't rented, leased or borrowed.

You host it on your website so there are

  • No monthly fees (besides what you are already paying your host of course)

  • No fees based on your number of subscribers

  • No fees based on the number OR frequency of your emails

You might be saying, that's great but I have absolutely no idea how to manage campaigns, write the emails, get people on my list, what the spam laws are.........

Most of us aren't natural born email marketers.  Those who are should sure appreciate the talent they have been given. 

Just like with other aspects of your cleaning business, hearing how someone else has successfully managed a situation or system is motivating.  If you're lucky enough to have them share recommendations based on their experiences you then feel encouraged. Isn't that why cleaning company owners  join peer groups, industry associations and cleaning business forums?  Because they get information and ideas based on their type of business not business in general. 

So you want to learn about email marketing to maximize the results of your list and to avoid making mistakes.  Well you could visit ebay or do a Google search to buy an ebook.  A lot of those programs have great information and ideas.  There's just one BIG problem---for the most part they are focused at marketing information or products.  In other words, they don't really relate to cleaning companies.


Problem solved

Because running campaigns with integrity is as important, thinking up ideas for mailings leaves most of us feeling overwhelmed and, cleaning companies need different information than product focused email marketing;  I am going to provide you with a valuable resource that is what got me interested in creating newsletters for CleanOutlook.com in the first place.  This will be provided free with every purchase of our Email List Manager Program.

Debbie Sardone, The Maid Service Coach has an incredible workshop that walks you thru the process of:

  • Creating your lists

  • Building your list to 1000 email recipients in a year

  • Capturing 99% of the email addresses you have asked for

  • Filling slots in your schedule by typing up a 30 minute email

  • Training your employees to have a list building mindset

  • Making thousands of dollars from your list

  • Think up FUN ways to build your list and attract new customers

  • Writing interesting and compelling email campaigns

  • Training people to really open and read your email campaigns

...and we will include a copy of this cd with your list manager purchase.**

Like I said she is going to explain in detail how to start email marketing your residential cleaning company but no ad can express just how this 30 minute cd is going to motivate you about marketing your cleaning business.   

Get Your Own Email List Management Program and Dirt Code Email Marketing CD Here

Want more information about free cd we're giving you?  You can read about her Cracking The Dirt Code on Your Email Marketing here but remember it comes free with your purchase unless you opt out.  

**CleanOutlook.com is not an affiliate of Debbie Sardone or The Maid Service Coach nor are we collecting a commission off the sales of these cd's.  The Maid Service Coach workshops and maid service cd's cannot be purchased thru our site separately.


Who's New

February is always a busy month around here.  Check our your peers who have new websites for their cleaning companies!


See the rest or our new websites from February HERE!

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