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We expect that as a business owner you will have questions about how our Maid Service Gift Certificates System Works

Here are some of the most common questions.

Are these Pay Pal Gift Certificates?

Most certainly not.  Although electronic gift certificates such as the Pay Pal ones have their use we want to make it easy for the person redeeming the certificates.  All they will have to do is physically present the gift certificate that the purchaser gave them.


What exactly do I get?

    Your choice of one our beautiful Maid Gift Certificate websites

   Four individual sales pages

   Four automatically delivery pages that are hidden from the public and the search engines

   A database that will archive all purchases made thru your system.  This will allow you to remind previous purchasers that they can order cleaning gift certificates again.

   Easy to follow instructions for your purchasers intended to reduce your time answering questions and show the customer this is a trustworthy service that has been thought out.

   ...And  because you are purchasing the site with the sales system we will throw in the certificate design FREE of charge if you don't already have a graphic you are using.


If I want to run promotions or sell more than the four dollar amounts can I?

Yes.  We can add more pages if needed.  Your Project Coordinator will assist you and provide add-on pricing.


How much does it cost?

Our complete Cleaning Gift Certificate Sales System is $225.  Don't have a domain name or hosting account?  We don't like to haggle and you are too busy to mess around with figuring out all that stuff so we'll throw those if needed to get you started out.


How does it work?

People visit your website, order the gift certificates of their choice.  They complete their transaction thru Pay Pal using either a Pay Pal account or a major credit card (if you have a business account with Pay Pal you can accept major credit cards).

When they have paid, the appropriate certificate appears on their screen and they have the option to print it or save it for later printing.


Will customers understand how to do it?

Oh yes, we include easy to follow instructions for the purchaser.  They also receive an automatic thank you from you when they purchase which includes your contact information in case they forget to print or have a problem.


I don't have a website, can I still use this?

Yes you can.


I already have certificates I use.  Can we use these for the program?

Most likely.  If you have certificates you are already using your Project Coordinator will ask you for a copy and go from there.


What skins are available?



I already have a website, do I still have to use one of your skins?

Your Cleaning Gift Certificate Sales System can be creating to coordinate with your existing website however this may add a couple more days to the final and finished product.


Can I use the skin for my gift certificate sales as the basis for a website since I don't already have one?

Why not, you have paid for the pages.  Just understand that because these are skins we sell to other cleaning customers there will be other cleaning companies using this layout meaning it will not be exclusive to you.


Can I use these certificates only thru the sales system or will I be able to print them and use them for other marketing?

We are giving you the certificates.  You may use them as you wish for your cleaning customers and promoting your company as long as you don't sell them to other cleaning companies as a customized service that's fine.


Can I get professionally printed copies of these instead of printing them out myself?

We can have these printed on card stock OR shiny paper if you like.  Your project coordinator will be able to give you printing options and prices.


Can people steal my gift certificates?

The delivery page url is hidden and not visible in the source code of your pages.  A thief would have to be quite savvy to figure out how and they would first have to make a purchase to even begin to figure out where the certificates are coming from in the first place.  
But just in case -- We added a second safe guard to eliminate confusion and the possibility of unauthorized use of your certificates by giving the purchaser easy to follow instructions for activating their certificate.


Will I get the source files?  What if I want to make changes to my certificates in the future?

If we are creating your certificates yes.


I am very excited to be doing this and now I have decided I want a website for my cleaning company.  If I have build my cleaning company website can I have this program added to my site and have it resemble the rest of my website?

Yes! We will be happy to add this to your new website project and will make sure it coordinates with the rest of your website.  Since this will take up at least five pages (that are visible to your visitors) you will want to order a website package that is at least ten pages.  If you want a smaller website for your cleaning company we will just add the cost of the program to your purchase.


I have a hosting account but are there any special requirements for running this on my existing website?

You will  need the following - a top level domain name, Linux server, the ability to use php scripts and FTP access


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