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Email Forms

Web forms allow visitors to your site to submit information and requests directly from your web pages without having to send an email.  

By having your potential clients and employees fill out a web based form you are able to easily follow up with a phone call and already have pertinent information in front of you.

A well composed email form that asks for information specific to your business increases your professional appearance and credibility as an established company.

Results from the online forms are sent instantly to your email account.

Cleaning service and janitorial businesses can benefit from using email forms to collect information for

Our forms are created with php coding for added customization and security. 

Required fields - If they don't fill out the items you need the form won't send
'Message Sent' confirmation page- or pop up let's them know their information was sent
Multiple Recipients-have one form send to several people
Auto responders send an immediate follow up email to your sender
IP blocking - have someone abusing your forms?  Quickly and easily block them.
IP Logging capabilities - have someone abusing your forms and think you know who it is?  You will now.
CAPTCHA Security - Users must enter the letters in the box for the form to send.
Database capabilities --Have your submissions stored in a database that you can print, sort and email from. **
Multiple pages --Have a long employment form?  We can span it over several pages   (example)


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Janitorial/Commercial Cleaning Quote Request Forms

Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Online Quote Form

This form is custom created for you to list all cleaning services and frequencies you provide in drop down boxes and allows you to track how the inquiring customer found your website.

Name, email, service city and phone are all required for form submission.





Maid Service/Residential Cleaning Estimate Forms

A good looking, detailed form is a must for residential cleaning companies.  Collect as much information as possible thru your website before returning the potential customer's phone call.

We ask for size, number of rooms, pets, smokers in the home and any other special questions you think might be important.







Online Employment Inquiry Forms


Employment Form- Detailed

Gathers extensive information including consent for criminal background checks and agreeing to random drug screenings. 

Customized to the color theme or to coordinate with the graphics on  your website.





'Send Us Your Testimonial' Forms

Wouldn't you just love to have a half dozen or more great testimonials on your website?  Wouldn't we all!

Asking for them couldn't be easier....just put one of these little boxes on your site.  They are small and can be squeezed into pages with little room. 














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