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Increase Your Residential Cleaning Company Sales With Email Marketing!

Run effective and profitable email campaigns for your residential cleaning business?   

This program is not currently available.  Please check back.



Is there a monthly or yearly fee?

No.  At purchase the program is yours, we are not renting it to you.

Do I use it on my computer or is it web based?

You host it on your server.  If you already host with us we will install it free of charge.

Is there a discount if I am already a Maintenance Customer?

If you are subscribing to Level 3 Site Management or higher we will install and set up your mail list manager free of charge.

If I don't want the program but want the cd can I buy it from you?

If you want the CD you can visit The Maid Service Coach and buy it there ;)

What if I don't want the cd or what if I already have it?  Can I get a discount?

No but we can certainly find a cleaning company out there who could use the help and donate it to them in your name.

I don't have a maid service, we are a commercial cleaning company.   Will this be an effective form of marketing for us?

In the traditional sense it probably won't be as effective however we are piloting a few ideas with a company in Denver and in Phoenix.  If you contact us we will schedule and appointment for you and a member of our Customer Service Department to discuss ideas for your marketing campaigns.

I don't have a website how am I going to host this?

You need a website to effectively market your residential cleaning or maid company!  Add it to any website design package and we'll discount the program 25%.

What if I can't use this at my hosting account?  They don't allow php.

We'll get it hosted for you!