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A Website for Your Cleaning Service

Laying the Groundwork

The biggest challenge in getting a website design that you're pleased with is by finding someone who can best determine what it is that you need and what will benefit your cleaning business.  With my years in the cleaning industry, my knowledge web design and my commitment to assisting small cleaning companies rise to the next level, I am confident that I can provide just that for you efficiently and affordably. With each website design package, you will also receive the first year website hosting absolutely FREE!!!

If this is something that you are serious in pursuing why don't you take some time to answer the questions I have listed below? These items will help me to give you a quote reflective of your actual needs, preferences and budget.

1) Think about what website pages you would like to have on your business website.  A few ideas would be:

  • Home

  • About Us

  • Services

  • Service Area

  • Contact Us

2008--**suggestions for pages to include are now listed with the package descriptions however our customers are welcomed to re-arrange the structure of their pages.

Make sure to let me know which of these pages you would like in addition to any other pages or areas you had in mind.

2) Think about what types, if any, of interaction you might like on your site.  If there is anything here that you don’t understand ask me!

-Customer Service Portal

-Feed back/estimate request form (2012 forms are included in ALL website packages)

-Employment application (2012 forms are included in ALL website packages)

-Payment Center Page (2012-- included free if you use PayPal or ProPay to accept electronic payments)

Make sure to let me know if any of these are items you would like on your website.  This will assist me to prepare a good solid bid for your project.

3) Will you want a domain name?  Do you already own a domain name?

If you don’t have one don’t run out and buy something thinking this will get things done quicker.  Let’s explore what will work best for your company’s new corporate identity.  I can provide your leg work in all of this.

If you do have a domain name, do you know where it is registered and do you have access to it?  Don’t forward me this information; I just need an idea of how much research lies ahead.

4)  And are you at this time committed to any hosting programs?  Once again if you don’t have a hosting package don’t rush out an buy one.  I can guarantee the packages I sell offer more, are more affordable and come with great customer service.  In many cases I am able to include hosting costs right into the cost of your design project.  **Updated 2012- all hosting is included in our Basic Website Design Packages.  If you are purchasing a special promotional website thru a cleaning industry association or group and are not sure if  hosting is included feel free to contact us

5) If you have images you would like on your website please forward me some of them.  This will help me to identify what colors and layout styles and feels will work best with what you have. 

If you have a logo that you use make sure I get this right away so this can be incorporated into your page design. ** Updated 2012- photos are now collected and displayed in our Customer Service area.  You receive access to this area after your website design has been scheduled.

6) Fill out this form on our site to let me know what sites you do and what sites you don’t like?  This is a very important step since each of us has very unique preferences.

7) Finally, how much you were planning on spending.  It is rare for me to have a website that is more than a $700 investment.  The average website thru will run you $350-$500.  As a general rule I ask for 50% down and I provide you with a timeline and guarantee of prompt service right in my proposal.

**Updated 2012- all website design requires 50% down.  Your project is scheduled and a temporary website page is displayed on your domain within 48 hours.   This change also allowed us to reduce our prices!!  Check out our updated pricing:

I look forward to being able to provide you will a quote for your services.  With the above information provided I can normally have a quote and example page prepared within 48 hours.  Updated 2012- You will now have a page and contact form within 48 hours :) Sincerely,