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and stand above the competition with Online Communication Portals! 

Highly professional and innovative systems for your cleaning business

No more cleaning log in the janitor closet, phone tag or requests getting buried in tons of Monday emails.

Watch the communication between your staff and clients from any internet connection

Archive requests, concerns, resolutions, agreements and more

Post daily, weekly and monthly spec's for each client contact

Provide a secure area for company wide announcements and staff bulletins, printable msd sheets, building procedures, job descriptions, employment applications...

Monitor internal supply requests and delivery confirmations

Innovative communication systems for your cleaning business operations

All with easy to learn and administer software that can blend seamlessly into your website.

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No More Cleaning Log Books!

What exactly IS a Cleaning Communication Portal?

For years cleaning services have kept Log Books or Communication Books in their janitorial closets.

Ideally this meant quick communication between the cleaning contractor and the customer contact. Realistically this means only cleaning service staff sees and responds to these messages on a daily basis.

As a professional cleaning business owner or Operations Manager it is vital that you are always kept in the loop of daily concerns, comments and requests from your customers as well as able to monitor those responses from your cleaning staff.

Cleaning Portals provide online Communication Logs for your cleaning business. Thru various permission levels you decide who can read and respond to messages and you are never left out of important communication with your customers.

Communication Portals allow you to archive prior communication with customers that doesn't get lost in email and doesn't require you to play phone tag.

Because our services are web based you can access your information and communicate with your cleaning staff and customers from any internet connection.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 'Communication Portal'?
How Can Your Electronic Log Books Be Used?
Will I Own This Software?
How Much Does A Communication Portal Cost?
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From Our Customers

'The cleaning portal has become the hub of our daily operation. It has streamlined communications between client, property manager and cleaning staff, all with just one message. We no longer need to email back and forth between all parties separately and no need to play phone tag. Our clients love it! Now that we have it, we wouldn't do without it. '
Lisa Underwood, Century Cleaning Service, Inc.