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Worksheet For Gathering Cleaning Service Website Design Ideas:

--Putting Together a Cleaning Service Website 

If I came right out and asked you “What would you like on your website?” chances are you would just stare at me and say “uhhh.”

For months and maybe for years you’ve probably came across other sites you admired and made a mental note that you would like to have something similar eventually.  However to have a designer come right out and ask point blank to spell out everything you want is similar to being thrown a set of keys and thrown into a new building.  You get a ‘where do I begin’ feeling.   

One of my core values is to focus on customer service thru individualized service and strong communication.  I feel it is important that I consult you thru the process so that all you have to do is decide what you want your site to say.  Because I know your industry I am able to ask you questions about your business that will prompt the answers I need as well as provide potential customers what they want to know. 

I love simplification.  By breaking down the elements your site will feature into short ideas you can establish an outline.   

No more staring at a blank screen trying to drum up an idea of what you want to say.  Listed below are ideas for putting together content (text) for your web pages.  Just pick a few and before you know it you’ll be writing a new proposal presentation—online style that is ;) 

Also, if you have marketing materials that you would like used for your site just let me know.  A few of the websites I have created have been copied almost word for word out of the client’s proposal presentation. 

Start sending me any and all of these items as they come to mind.  Don’t over analyze yourself --remember your best ideas will be the first ones that fly from your fingers! 

Ideas for: 


  • Services provided and any specialty services
  • Certifications
  • Service Area
  • Request a quote for service (form)
  • Customer Survey (feedback form)
  • Contact page (may or may not have a form but should include your phone #, email address, fax number, and possibly address)
  • Company history
  • Mission statement and/or core values
  • If you have employees
    • Any aspects of training or employee selection process that you would like to highlight
    • Team and team route cleaning, systematic cleaning, uniformed staff, bonded staff, supervised staff, etc. that you would like to highlight to the prospective client
    • A place for prospective employees to apply online (form) or inquire about employment opportunities
    • Listing of employment opportunities with your company
  • List of customers to use as a reference.  We recommend asking your client’s permission before publishing their contact information online.
  • A photo or two of site that you service
  • Reasons why a prospective client should choose you.  Don’t overlook including items in terms of:
    • Safety and safety Programs
    • Training programs/procedures
    • OSHA compliance
    • Hazmat certifications, etc.





Images should be kept to a minimum but great things to include are:

Photo of owners

Photos of employees (you should get a signed release to use photos)

Logos from any associations you are involved with

Logos from any certifications you hold



Pricing-- on commercial cleaning websites.  Residential sites will often times differ. 

List of items done in each area/room for commercial cleaning websites. Residential cleaning websites differ.

Large or flashy graphics-