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Questions About Professional Audio Commercials For Cleaning Companies

Professional Audio Commercials for Cleaning Companies



Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

3-7 business days from time of purchase.

How is my finalized commercial delivered to me?

You can chose between email, download, and cd delivery.

Does CleanOutlook.com create these in house?

No. Cleanoutlook.com has a variety of voice actors depending on what your needs are that are contracted.

How many seconds are the commercials?

You have the option of purchasing a 30 or 60 second commercial.

Will you help write the script?

Yes, Media Coordinator, Corey, will help you in developing a strong script for you company. If you have a script to use we can give you suggestions and tell you whether or not you should change the message.

Who's voices are used?

Our voice actors are professional and you might have heard them on your local radio station or even television.

Do I get revisions if I don't like the first one?

You can get up to 2 revisions for no additional charge.  And keep in mind, you will have approved your script before it is voiced. 

Where are the examples? 

The example commercials are all on the main cleaning commercials page here

Will you use mine as an example or sample of previous work?

We would love to showcase your commercial but if for some reason you wish us not to please let us know.

I thought that radio stations would record my commercial free so why would I buy one?

Yes, when you advertise with a radio station you can get a free commercial but it is not yours to keep. Generally radio stations have the same person voicing all the in-house commercials. You want a voice that is different and catches someone’s attention. Also, if you do not own your commercial and would like to advertise on different radio stations they would create a different commercial at each station. Buy a commercial today and use it anywhere you would like radio, internet, and television.

Can a commercial like this really help my business?  How?

Of course, commercials create branding for companies. But you must have an effective campaign and the right message. You will get exposure if you are using the commercial for advertising purposes. If you need additional help in regards what radio stations to advertise with we can help with that. You can even put your commercial on your own website.

Professionally Recorded Commercials and Advertisements for Cleaning Companies