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Bidding Survey Rate Calculator

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Janitorial Software let's you determine cleanable square feet, calculate your rate and print it right at the walk thru

Present commercial and specialty service bids immediately at the walk thru with your mobile device and printer.

The Building Survey Rate Calculator™- Is designed to calculate the total square feet of a building also breaking down the total square feet of VCT, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, and Other flooring types.

Additionally this calculator will also generate pricing for services automatically and it has different Service Proposals that can be printed right after the bid walk if desired when used with a portable printer.

The Building Survey Rate Calculator™ can be used right on your Cell phone, Palm, Blackberry, Laptop computer, or any device known that has Microsoft Office 2007 or Mobile Office.

With proper equipment and supplies this calculator can also be customized to be used in presenting a full Professional Proposal Package.

Your Calculator is customized free of charge by the developer with your logo and will be set up with your productivity rates.

Your Calculator Includes:


Page 1- Building Survey Form

Page 2- Customized Printable Service Proposal

Page 3- Customized Printable Special Service Proposal

Page 4- Printable Service Agreement

All pages customized with your contact information and the logo that you provide.

Each purchase includes free initial phone consultation and set-up.

*Additional pages are available at an additional price based on the level of difficulty required per page.

Questions and Answers Before You Purchase

Is this is sophisticated program? 

No this is a bid calculator created and customized with your custom cleaning rates and productivity rates.

What are the advantages of using this program over more expensive or sophisticated bidding calculators.

When you are in front of clients and potential clients perception is everything.  By having a program that will calculate your bid and gives you the ability to print on the spot not only do you show that you really have it together you are also going to be the first bid in.

How can I use this on my phone?

If you have a phone with Mobile Office you will be able to use the bidding calculators as it is Excel driven.

I have seen Excel Calculators on Ebay for a lot less than this.  Is this the same thing?

Probably not.  The Building Services Rate Calculator was developed and trade marked by John Robertson of NW Indiana.  His calculator is compatible in both Office 07 and 03.

How long does it take to get my calculator?

Your calculator will be delivered by the developer.  Usually this is within 24 hours of payment.  He will also follow up with a phone call to customize your rates and add your logo and contact information.

How do I know my calculator is being set up and that my order was received?

After completing the order form below you will be sent to a payment page.  If you have completed the payment you will immediately be directed to a support area to set up your account.  If you do not see this page either your payment did not go thru or you did not wait for the page to reload.


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