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Creating  'Image' for Cleaning Companies
Since 2004

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About the originated in early 2004 when Christy Caley helped out fellow cleaner, Ken Galo, on a cleaning business forum by doing a little website work.  One favor led to another and by the beginning of 2005 we were providing quotes for web design and were awarded our first projects.  The beginning of 2006 things really started to take off and Christy left her full time job to pursue creating an actual business.  In 2007 we added two logo designers, a customer service rep and a part time all around right hand.  2008 showed even more growth and we began to add web designers to keep up with the work load and eliminate waiting lists for services.  So far 2009 has been a whirlwind of new people, new services and a fresh new batch of ideas on how to help out cleaning companies across the globe. 

The people you will meet when you work with

Christy - Founder and now Project Coordinator.  Christy oversees the website design department and is the point of communication between designers and clients.  She has over 24 years in the cleaning and food service industry.

Steven - Steven heads the Customer Service Department and oversees Accounts and Website Maintenance.  He usually has at least two phone lines going.  And he owned a janitorial and maintenance company.

Amanda - Mandy was the original 'all around right hand'.  She is leaving fall of 2009 and will be greatly missed.  Amanda assisted with our company being able to grow thanks to her 'can do' attitude and willingness to jump in where ever and whenever needed.

Shirley - Shirley is often the first person you speak with when starting out with  She processes all the orders and sets up new logo, flyer and brochure customers. And....she used to own a residential cleaning company.

Chuck - You might know him as 'Cap' if you have been around the site very much.  Chuck was a graphic design major and is actually a sketch artist.  He has created dozens of logos for our customers.  Several of his samples are displayed below.

Suman - If it can be put into a graphic he can do it.  Suman creates logos, handles our brochure, flyer, business card, folder and Corporate Identity kits and still has time to create websites.  A sampling of his works are displayed below.

Chance - Remember when Residential Cleaning Websites were boring?  We think Chance set a new standard for Maid Company Website Design.  You can see examples of his beautiful designs below.

Corey - Corey is a cleaner who loves to help others in the industry.  His knowledge in broadcasting and knack of marketing has allowed us to provide a wider array of valuable services to our customers.

Lysa - Lysa is  a marketing student with a background in medical cleaning, procedure implementation and new business start up.  She does marketing for us and we anticipate her to eventually venture out with her own Fluff and Stage Company.

Jay - Jay is a cleaner too and the newest addition to our team.  His years in the cleaning industry, knowledge of operational procedures and enjoyment of helping others make him a strong addition to our team.


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